A Little Bit About Me


I believe that motherhood is an amazing gift, we shouldn't have to feel like we are "paying the price" for that gift - for the rest of our lives -  in our bladder insecurity, our low back pain, sometimes even in our feeling of "our organs falling out"...our bodies are AMAZINGLY adaptable and will do what we tell it, given the right information, in the right sequence. I wanted to be able to run, jump, laugh, and feel strong enough to play with my son, and I want to help you to feel that way, too!


In my years of box gym training, the # 1 reason that clients had to cancel was because of sick kiddos. I get it, it happens (A LOT), just when I think my son is over a cold in the winter, another one creeps up...with online training, we can still meet, to continue to make progress and meet your goals!

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