The Importance of Postpartum Alignment

Think about this...if your ab muscles are stretched taunt, from flared ribs, will the Diastasis be able to heal together? Diastasis can range from 1 finger wide with good support in the middle, to 6 finger (or more!) with no support in the middle, this is when you hear the description "It feels like my organs are going to fall out." Sounds uncomfortable, to say the least!

There are exercises that we can do to heal Diastasis, health/nutrition play a BIG role in the healing of the tissues, (and don't forget proper breathing!) So much you can do, but if your rib cage is flared, you can, arguably, never get that last bit of healing. The tissue isn't there to heal because it is in a constant stretch, and don't get me started on how it affects your breathing... (more on that at a later date)

So think about your alignment (posture) your head held tall or are you slouched at the neck? Is your chin jutting forward or is it slightly tucked in? Are your shoulders hunched forward or lined up under your ears? Are your ribs flared or are they stacked nicely over your pelvis? Is your bum constantly tucked or can you feel your bum muscles relax easily? (more on this one at a later date, as well!)

Rib Flare Test - While standing, put your hands on your lower ribs, fingers in front and thumbs on your back -  Do your fingers point straight ahead, or at the floor in front of your feet? If they point straight ahead, your are likely flared. Try to rotate your rib cage, ever so slightly, until your fingers point in front of your feet. You should feel a little activation from your abs when you do this!

Then put this into practice -  not all day, every day (ideally, but let's set realistic goals) -  there is plenty of pressure on moms without adding perfect posture all day long! PICK ONE HABIT A WEEK - Brushing teeth, showering, dishes, laundry, driving, whatever it is, try to be conscious of your alignment in that activity, throughout that week. Then move on to a different habit the next week. Don't feel like you have to master a habit before you move on to a new one, trying different habits will help you to see where you need to focus most.

On top of picking a habit, watch what your ribs are doing in your workouts!

I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have ANY questions! And remember, be gentle with yourself:)

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