What I Can Help You With...

As a result of going through Postpartum Corrective Exercise training, you can have more control of your laugh, sneeze and lift, without fear of leaks. Life doesn't have to be that way and I will work with you to help train your body back into optimal functioning. With the added benefit of online training, we can train anywhere!

Core Strengthening

Get Strong

Build a strong foundation, that will help the entire chain to work together, for optimal function. The unique combination of exercises, and sequencing, that we do, encourages strength and healing for all postpartum issues.

Diastasis  Repair

Feel Capable

Your body HAS to stretch in order to make room for baby, this is an absolutely natural occurrence. In many cases it will go back to it's normal length-tension relationship post baby - but not always. Depending on genetics, number and spacing of pregnancies, health and nutrition, there are many reasons for a Diastasis Recti not to close or restrengthen on it's own. We work to realign your posture, to get your muscles back into their normal length-tension relationship, to encourage natural healing.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Feel Confident

When we strengthen the core, the pelvic floor only has to do the work of the pelvic floor, not the pelvic floor AND the core. We also focus on regulating IAP (Intra-abdominal pressure) - when you are able to perform normal day-to-day activities, without pushing down on your pelvic floor, we are then more able to work on strengthening a weak pelvic floor, or relaxing an over-tight pelvic floor (more common than you might think).


1:1 Online Session Pricing

Three packages to choose from -

I work to tailor my plans for your specific situation and requirements. Read more about each of the below packages to understand which best fits your needs. If you can’t find what you need, get in touch directly.

Single Session $50~

$190 ~ 4 Sessions

If you want to learn the basics of targeting your deep stabilizers and learn how to integrate them into your daily life, with your body and unique needs.

$350 ~ 8 Sessions

Learning the basics and how they apply to your issues and moving into more functional and dynamic movements, with heavier loading.

$480 ~ 12 Sessions

The basics and functional movements with heavier loading. Dynamic movements getting you ready for that trampoline! For the mom that wants a little more commitment and accountability.

Work with Me Online

With the incredible accessibility of online training, you can feel more confident whether you are in New York, Des Moines or London! With video calls we can work on breathing, technique, movement and exercise all in the comfort of your own home.

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