Postpartum Exercise Workshops

Whether taught in your space for a personal mom's group, in the gym for the public or online (to reach mommas wherever they are!), these Postpartum Exercise Workshops are intended to teach moms the first foundational moves to work on in the postpartum, to retrain the core stabilization and support systems of the body.

Movement is so important for everyone, all the time! In the postpartum you may feel insecure, or even unstable, not to mention the overall core weakness! If you "Feel like your insides are going to fall out..." then working out can be downright scary.

When you learn how to quickly retrain your core in a Postpartum Exercise Workshop you can begin the process to alleviate a number of postpartum conditions including - diastasis recti, bladder incontinence, prolapse and core weakness.

The goal of these 45-90 minute workshops is to give you the information to help you to feel stronger and more comfortable in your body. To help you to be able to confidently workout, run, and get back to moving and keeping up with baby!